Chic Ways To Wear Leopard Print


My love of leopard print probably stems from my passion for all things vintage.  Or my days as a Mt. Carmel grade school kid, “Go Cheetahs!”  The ladies from decades past really knew how to wear spots, and I love seeing pictures of how they boldly styled this daring print.   Lucky for us, leopard print is still all the rage.  I’m still searching for the perfect vintage faux leopard coat, but in the meantime, there are some great modern pieces out there to satisfy my leopard fancies.

Some people are afraid to wear this print, some think its gaudy (*cough* my husband *cough*…but who asked you anyways? 😛 ) but I think there are some easy ways to style leopard that are chic and not too over the top.  My approach to leopard is more classy 50’s lady out on the town than rocker chick, but I like to think I’ve got a bit of style edge sometimes (Don’t tell me if I don’t, my goody-two-shoes heart couldn’t take it!)  So here are five ways to wear leopard, either with a little vintage glam, or a sassy twist.

Leopard Mini Skirt

A leopard mini skirt is fun, youthful, and just a tad daring for those looking to add a bold print to their outfit while still working with neutral colors.  This particular leopard mini is denim and has rough hewn edges, so it’s great for a more casual look.  When in doubt, pair a skirt like this with all black to make it really stand out.  It could also look good with deep berry colors!


Beret / Boots / Skirt / Jacket

Leopard Belt

Cinch in a classic black number, a jeweled tone knit dress, or top off a pretty solid colored full skirt.  A leopard belt brings just a little bit of print and boldness to a classic look and accentuates your waist.  For a more casual look, use a skinny leopard belt to loop through high waisted jeans with a cute vintage-style tee.


Dress / Belt / Tee / Jeans

Leopard Shift Dress

This kind of slinky, loose leopard dress is great because it’s super comfortable, clings to the right curves and feels effortlessly cool with it’s silhouette and short hemline.  I styled it with my over-the-knee boots and beret for a more 60’s look, but also looks great with ankle boots and a slouchy knit cardigan for a modern approach.  This leopard shift easily became my new travel dress since it’s so easy to wear but looks stylish too.  Long days of traveling will be so easy in this.


Over-The-Knee Boots / Ankle Boots / Cardigan / Dress

Leopard Cardigan/ Leopard Monochrome

If you need a fun way to accessorize an office outfit, a leopard cardigan is a great choice.  Conservative in how much it covers you, but daring with it’s print.  This color way deviates from a normal leopard print, but is still monochrome, so it’s not too bold.  I like to belt my cardigans so it accentuates my waist more.  A monochrome leopard as a sweater would also be cute, either dressed up with slacks or a pencil skirt for work, or jeans for a casual look.


Sweater / Cardigan

Leopard Shoes

Leopard heels add just that touch of bold like a leopard belt would.  Whether they are leopard ankle boots with casual jeans, kitten heels with a classic work dress, or block heels for a fun, dressy night out, they add just the right bit of sass.


Block Heels / Ankle Boots / Kitten Heels

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