DIY Wicker Chip & Dip Liner

It's been awhile since my last blog post, but I'm back in action with a new DIY! This project was super easy and cost practically nothing, which is my favorite kind of project 🙂 I've been buying and selling a few of these wicker chip and dip holders lately, and I always wondered why there… Continue reading DIY Wicker Chip & Dip Liner

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DIY Retro Red Fridge

I did it...I finally took the plunge and painted my fridge. Ahhhh! In all seriousness though, I'm so glad I did it. My dream is to have vintage 50s appliances (or retro reproductions), but the budget just doesn't fit that dream at the moment. In the meantime, a modern fridge painted cherry red does the… Continue reading DIY Retro Red Fridge

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Tiki Bar Cubby Shelves

For the 8 years my husband Ryan and I have been together, we have collected a number of pottery pieces, mostly mugs. That awesome collection needed to be displayed, so Ryan created these custom cubby shelves for our dining room for display. We enjoy picking mugs from the shelves each day for our tea, and… Continue reading Tiki Bar Cubby Shelves

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Tropical Dining Space

The last couple week’s I’ve been working on my client Dio’s dining room/kitchen and it’s my favorite room so far! I’m a bit obsessed with tropical elements, so I was onboard when she showed me her inspiration photo for the dining space. Leo’s Oyster Bar has decor to DIE for, so it was fun to… Continue reading Tropical Dining Space

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Old Fashioned Lettering Art For Your Home

Is anyone else fascinated with vintage store signs and hand painted lettering on windows? I’ve always loved the attention to detail and fancy scroll work of vintage sign painting. I even did my graduate thesis on the importance of historic sign techniques. I know, I’m that kind of architecture nerd. P Well that passion for… Continue reading Old Fashioned Lettering Art For Your Home