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Vintage Glam Dressing Room Reveal


The time has finally come, it’s Dressing Room Reveal Day!  I like to think that everyone was waiting with bated breath for this, so just indulge me.  I’ve always dreamed of having my own room like this…the ultimate glam-cave just for me, to be creative and get ready.  A few months back, my husband Ryan and I were talking about how the guest room was rarely used in the whole scheme of things.  I was sharing his office whenever I needed to get ready or work on a craft, trying to be quiet while he was in a meeting and always dropping something.  He thankfully was never truly annoyed with the situation, but admitted it would be nice to have his own space.  The only place to move my vanity and craft desk would be the guest room, and an idea was born!  I get the third bedroom all to myself, and Ryan got an office with a nice sofa to lounge on (that was also a sofa bed when guests were there).

ACS_1233 2.jpg

ACS_1218At the time, I had my clothes divided between our bedroom closet and the office closet.  Now, I only have my day-to-day essentials in the bedroom (workout gear, work uniforms, pjs) and all my “fun” clothes are in the new dressing room.  I’m lucky to have quite a bit of space now, what with the dressing room closet being a closet WITHIN in a closet, with two rods and built-in shelves.  Now I have a fun space to get ready for work everyday, get glammed up for a night out, or craft to my heart’s content!

As far as the closet goes, I just did some practical rehabbing.  I stripped the old wallpaper in the closet, painted the entirety of the closet the same “Barely Pink” shade as the main room, and added a curtain with some $1 Target pink trim.



ACS_1209When it came to style inspiration, I have a hard time sticking to one theme.  I’m very much an eclectic girl, but I tried harder to stay within a general scheme this time.  I (somewhat) succeeded.  My inspiration was part Palm Beach, part Old Hollywood Glam.  I love the fun, tropical vibes of Palm Beach decor, but I needed to work with the current style of my furniture and accessories.  I have many antique pieces, which tend toward vintage glam, like my gilded mirror, collection of old cameras, and french-style vanity.

I came up with a general color scheme of black, white, shades of pink and a few touches of red and aqua.  The only true deviation from that scheme was the palm leaf wallpaper, but that’s a neutral right? 🙂

I already owned most of what I needed for the room redo, so it helped keep my budget low.  I’ll link what I can below on what I did purchase.

As I mentioned before, I painted the room “Barely Pink” by Valspar, a soft, more neutral shade of pink.  I contrasted this with black baseboards, windows, and trim on the doors.  Super Old Hollywood vibes.  I bought this cute brass sputnik light, something I’ve been dying to have for awhile.

I also bought some cheap white, sheer curtains and sewed on some fun black tassel trim.  I luckily already owned the gold tie-backs.


ACS_1219Of course, the showstopper is this Palm Leaf Wallpaper from Target!  It’s a peel-and-stick removable wallpaper and it’s SUPER easy to install and forgiving if you mess up on placement.  I bought 3 rolls and it pretty much covered my wall.  There is one place where Ryan had to help me because the remaining pieces wouldn’t match up.  We ended up using a couple scrap pieces to fill in, so I wouldn’t have to buy a third roll.  Overall looks great though!

My vanity, which has had several paint upcycles,  got a touch more modern and glam with a horizontal band of brass spray paint.  I also bought this amazing LED mirror, perfect for applying makeup!ACS_1231

ACS_1234ACS_1224.JPGAs for the other side of the room, I had to fit alot of chunky furniture.  I brought in my upcycled campaign dresser (Ryan found it on the side of the street), my craft desk, and I moved the bookcase from the living room for display/storage.  I painted the previously red craft desk black with chalkboard paint since it not real wood and couldn’t be sanded.  I’m thinking in the future it needs an added painted design feature, like gold tropical leaves, to really jazz it up. Thoughts??

I designated the area above my dresser for jewelry, with my previously owned hanging racks, antique mirror and organizing accessories on the dresser top.  All these pieces used to be stored above or on my vanity, which led to alot of clutter.  It was nice to separate it all from my makeup and hair tools.

ACS_1226The bookcase was a great place to display my favorite antiques from downstairs, and free up some of the “clutter” from the living and dining room (so Ryan says…he calls my style of decorating, chaotic, haha).  I store most of my books in bins at the bottom, but interspersed a few throughout the bookcase and wrapped them in color coordinated scrapbook paper.


Above the craft desk, I displayed a gallery wall of art I’ve collected.  A few pieces from local artists like the Hermione block print and the modern canvas piece.  I added in some tropical vibes with some digital prints from Etsy, and voila!  I already owned all the frames, just had to figure out which ones worked together for my scheme.


IMG_5290.JPGThe final two additions to the room were the ottoman and clothes rack.  I wanted an ottoman so I would stop hopping around when I put on heels or tights for work (serious klutz right here).  I found this rattan ottoman at Goodwill and did an easy DIY with brass spray paint and cheap hot pink velvet from the fabric store.  I wasn’t sure how I felt about the upcycle at first, I thought it looked gaudy.  Now that it’s in the space though, I think it works really well.

ACS_1222The clothing rack I got for super cheap at Ikea and painted brass as well.  I just wanted something fun to rotate my clothes for blog shoots and planning outfits for nights out.

I hope you enjoyed the reveal!  It’ll be featured in many of my upcoming blog photos, too cute not use for photos!  I was thinking of doing a separate post with details on the organizers I use for all my clothing and jewelry.  Let me know in the comments if you would want a blog post with details on those 🙂





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  1. Beautiful! I’d love to see a post about your jewelry organizers, etc. I have so much jewelry and not enough organizers lol


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