How I Changed The Color Of My Toaster Oven

Though I’ve been blowing through lots of projects during this quarantine, I haven’t gotten to my most anticipated changes for the kitchen.  I have to wait until it’s safe to have a contractor redo our kitchen floors (hopefully we still can in June).  I’ve been debating on whether to do the appliance DIY before or after the tile redo, since it would be easy to only move the appliances once.  However, I can work on some smaller projects in the mean time!  I’m deciding on a new paint color for the walls, and I have a few cute organization projects that I just completed (stay tuned!)  I also changed the color of my toaster oven and I love it!

diy-pink-stove-The before-mentioned DIY for the appliances is to change their color with car vinyl.  I really want retro, or retro-style appliances, but that is a dream I need to wait on.  In the meantime, this project will give my existing appliances a colorful, retro boost!  There are several great bloggers who have used car vinyl on their own appliances to great success, which is why I chose to use that material on my fridge and stove instead of high-heat paint.  Plus, I think I will have a more professional look with the vinyl, since spray painting such large objects could look splotchy if I don’t do it perfect.

IMG_0747My toaster oven is a different story.  It’s small and would be easier to change with paint.  So I ordered this high-heat spray paint (originally meant for cars) and got to work!  It was a really easy project and it totally changed the look of my well-used toaster oven.  I also had all the supplies on hand besides the paint, so it was a $7 project! Check out the details below to change the color of your own toaster oven 🙂



  • High Heat Spray Paint
  • Cleaner (I use Bar Keeper’s Friend)
  • Sponge
  • Stainless Steel Sponge (optional)
  • 320 Grit or another Fine Grit Sandpaper
  • Painter’s Tape
  • X-Acto Knife
  • Plastic Wrap


  1. Start by cleaning all surfaces of your toaster oven with your cleaner and sponge.  You don’t necessarily need to clean the inside, but you might as well since you are already cleaning the outside (and mine really needed it).  I used the stainless steel sponge to get at the really tough spots.IMG_0752
  2. Once all surfaces are clean and dry, lightly sand all the outside surfaces.  This will help the paint stick better.  Wipe the surface of dust after.
  3. Using your painter’s tape and X-Acto knife, and tape off all areas that you don’t want painted.  This includes knobs, handles, and important instructional text on the back.  I pressed the tape around the curves and angle of the places I wanted covered, and then used my X-Acto knife to cut precisely.
  4. Instead of using all tape to cover the glass door, use a piece of plastic wrap with tape on the edges to cover it.  
  5. Once all areas that you don’t want painted are covered, spray a light coat of paint on all external surfaces.  Wait 10 minutes.IMG_0838
  6. Spray a second and third coat (with 10 minutes in between) until all external surfaces are solidly covered.  
  7. After an hour of drying, peel off all painter’s tape. 
  8. Wait another 24 hours before use, and your project is complete!IMG_0834IMG_0835

4 thoughts on “How I Changed The Color Of My Toaster Oven”

  1. All exposed parts should have been removed and painted separately! Disassembly required. Otherwise there will be unpainted hidden sections of the parts that could start to peel.


    1. After two years, I’ve had no peeling issues, it still looks great. I could understand removing each piece and painting it on a larger/more expensive appliance, but it’s just a fun project on a toaster oven. Honestly, I probably would have broken the toaster oven trying to take it apart and put it back together.

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  2. Are there not any safety concerns for the cooking surfaces/venting area? That’s what has held me back in refinishing one I have.


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