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Old Fashioned Lettering Art For Your Home

Is anyone else fascinated with vintage store signs and hand painted lettering on windows? I’ve always loved the attention to detail and fancy scroll work of vintage sign painting. I even did my graduate thesis on the importance of historic sign techniques. I know, I’m that kind of architecture nerd. P Well that passion for… Continue reading Old Fashioned Lettering Art For Your Home


Kitchen Towel Framed Art

When we first bought the house, my colors for the kitchen were black, white, grey and red.  I had a few touches of aqua, but it was mostly the four other colors.  It was a vast improvement from the previous style of kitchen in there, but it wasn't quite my retro dreams.  I realized after… Continue reading Kitchen Towel Framed Art


Mini Master Closet Makeover

A few months ago we completed our master bedroom makeover, and it's my favorite room in the house. I like deep, dramatic colors in bedrooms. I want the room to envelop me and feel like it's night time all day. We also have beautiful Art Deco furniture in there and lots of gold accents. The… Continue reading Mini Master Closet Makeover


Protecting Your Furniture With Craft Vinyl

We LOVE our cats.  No doubt about it!  However, we don't love that they use our furniture as scratching posts... They already ruined our dining chairs beyond repair (which I since replaced with wood chairs), but I wasn't going to let our fabulous mid-century orange sofa meet the same fate.  I began researching ways to… Continue reading Protecting Your Furniture With Craft Vinyl