Chic And Comfortable Clothes For Travel Days

Whether it's by train, plane or automobile, travel can be equally fun and exhausting.  The allure of escaping town and exploring somewhere new is great, but being cramped up in a seat for hours on end can be uncomfortable.  That's why it's important to wear the right clothes on heavy travel days.  You could be… Continue reading Chic And Comfortable Clothes For Travel Days


Multi-Use Fall Travel Essentials

Fall is finally upon us (my favorite season) and it's the perfect time to travel!  Destinations tend to be less crowded, it's cheaper to travel, and some places have the most gorgeous fall leaves.  However, the weather tends to get a bit crisper, which equals more layers to stay comfortable.  That means that carry-on or… Continue reading Multi-Use Fall Travel Essentials


What Makes a Great Travel Backpack

I'll admit, I've resisted carrying a backpack until quite recently.  I can be a bit picky when it comes to what I wear and use, and I found backpacks bulky and unstylish.  I even forgo a backpack in college. I didn't have to carry as many books as I once did in high school, so… Continue reading What Makes a Great Travel Backpack