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Tropical Built-In Bar Makeover

Aloha, fabulous readers! Today I wanted to share with you my super easy makeover of our original 1950's built-in bar in the basement lounge. Recently Lick Paint reached out to me and asked if I would join their VIP Decorator team, as they launch their product in the US, and I was ecstatic for the… Continue reading Tropical Built-In Bar Makeover


Kitchen Towel Framed Art

When we first bought the house, my colors for the kitchen were black, white, grey and red.  I had a few touches of aqua, but it was mostly the four other colors.  It was a vast improvement from the previous style of kitchen in there, but it wasn't quite my retro dreams.  I realized after… Continue reading Kitchen Towel Framed Art


Tips for Beginners on Wall Stenciling

When I was coming up with a design scheme for our bathroom renovation a couple years ago, I knew I wanted bright colors and something bold.  However, all my designs included wallpaper and Ryan was not keen.  He was worried the small space would be too busy and hurt his eyes.  There was no convincing… Continue reading Tips for Beginners on Wall Stenciling


Travel Inspired Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom renovation, except for a couple trim pieces, is finally done!  As standard with any renovation, it definitely took longer than expected, and we encountered a few challenges...but it's done and I'm proud of the work we accomplished.  Pretty much all the renovations we took on for the guest bathroom were a new experience… Continue reading Travel Inspired Bathroom Renovation