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Old Fashioned Lettering Art For Your Home

Is anyone else fascinated with vintage store signs and hand painted lettering on windows? I’ve always loved the attention to detail and fancy scroll work of vintage sign painting. I even did my graduate thesis on the importance of historic sign techniques. I know, I’m that kind of architecture nerd. P Well that passion for… Continue reading Old Fashioned Lettering Art For Your Home

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Sewing Table Turned Outdoor Bar

Earlier this summer, I constructed an awesome outdoor bar with my dad for their patio. I really wanted to create one for myself, but our patio is a third of the size...there was no way that design would fit. Then one day I was perusing the antique mall with my mother-in-law when we saw this… Continue reading Sewing Table Turned Outdoor Bar


Art Deco Bedroom Refresh

As many of you know, I LOVE working on our house.  There isn’t a room I haven’t touched.  Except for our bedroom that is...For the first 3 years we lived there, our bedroom was just remnants of our furniture we bought cheap for our apartment and a faded duvet that didn’t quite match everything going on… Continue reading Art Deco Bedroom Refresh