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Sewing Table Turned Outdoor Bar

Earlier this summer, I constructed an awesome outdoor bar with my dad for their patio. I really wanted to create one for myself, but our patio is a third of the size...there was no way that design would fit. Then one day I was perusing the antique mall with my mother-in-law when we saw this… Continue reading Sewing Table Turned Outdoor Bar

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Our Custom Macrame Ombre Valances

I've had this idea of sunset ombre valances in my mind for over a year, and I knew it would bring another fabulous layer to our eclectic living room. Our living room is a varied mixture of antiques, retro furniture, global touches and LOTS of color. And while my old DIY tassel curtains served us… Continue reading Our Custom Macrame Ombre Valances

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Our (Almost) Complete Tiki Bar

This project has been a long time coming!  I've been working on the bar on and off for 6 months and it's almost completely done!  The only thing left is a custom sign with our tiki bar name, The Coconut Kiln, and it will look perfect. When I first discussed the idea of making our… Continue reading Our (Almost) Complete Tiki Bar


Traveling During COVID: My Tips on Flying and Driving Safely

As someone, who travels on the regular, the lockdown and subsequent halt to all activities was an adjustment.  First and foremost, I’m thankful we (Ryan and myself) are healthy and have our jobs, but it was a bummer to cancel so many plans.  I’ve been back at work flying for a month now, getting back into the… Continue reading Traveling During COVID: My Tips on Flying and Driving Safely