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Our (Almost) Complete Tiki Bar

This project has been a long time coming!  I've been working on the bar on and off for 6 months and it's almost completely done!  The only thing left is a custom sign with our tiki bar name, The Coconut Kiln, and it will look perfect. When I first discussed the idea of making our… Continue reading Our (Almost) Complete Tiki Bar


Traveling During COVID: My Tips on Flying and Driving Safely

As someone, who travels on the regular, the lockdown and subsequent halt to all activities was an adjustment.  First and foremost, I’m thankful we (Ryan and myself) are healthy and have our jobs, but it was a bummer to cancel so many plans.  I’ve been back at work flying for a month now, getting back into the… Continue reading Traveling During COVID: My Tips on Flying and Driving Safely


Kitchen Towel Framed Art

When we first bought the house, my colors for the kitchen were black, white, grey and red.  I had a few touches of aqua, but it was mostly the four other colors.  It was a vast improvement from the previous style of kitchen in there, but it wasn't quite my retro dreams.  I realized after… Continue reading Kitchen Towel Framed Art


Mini Master Closet Makeover

A few months ago we completed our master bedroom makeover, and it's my favorite room in the house. I like deep, dramatic colors in bedrooms. I want the room to envelop me and feel like it's night time all day. We also have beautiful Art Deco furniture in there and lots of gold accents. The… Continue reading Mini Master Closet Makeover


Over the Stove Shelf

Many of my projects during lockdown have been organization focused.  Being stuck in your house for months on end makes you really focus on what does and doesn't work.  With that in mind, I decided to tackle the problem area at the top of our stove.  Because the piping for our gas line sticks out… Continue reading Over the Stove Shelf