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Hidden Mattress Wall

Hi y’all! It’s been awhile since my last blogged DIY, but I have a unique one to share with you! A few months ago, Ryan and I were bemoaning the fact that his office was a shipping facility disaster. While it’s amazing that his pottery business online sales are higher than ever, it also means we have constant need for lots of packing materials. Ryan’s office is used for his 9-5 computer job, shipping pottery, shipping my vintage decor, and it also functions as a guest room when our parents are in town. We have a pull-out sofa in there, but its very uncomfortable without the addition of a mattress. Problem is, we have to keep that mattress in the closet, and take up prime storage space for our packing materials.

Thinking on possible solutions to our storage problem, the idea of a wall to slide the mattress behind came to mind. We could make it a real feature wall, and it would also act as a headboard when the mattress and sofa bed was in use. So we got to work!

I’ll preface this by saying that this is not a step-by-step tutorial, I’m just showing our progress as we built it. We really just made it up as we went along, and I didn’t document our steps properly.

We started by building a basic skeleton to support the wall and build on top of. We added thin plywood on top so that I could measure and draw out where our fence picket design would go. We also added little cubbies on one side to display some of Ryan’s pottery.

Next up was cutting and nailing on the angled pickets to make a modern chevron design. Once complete, I sanded the boards and sealed with a clear matte poly.

After some assistance from a strong friend (thanks Josh), we got this bad boy up stairs so we could attach it to the wall. We measured how far from the office wall we needed our wood wall to sit, so it would easily fit the mattress. From there we made a wood top that would attach the wood wall to the office wall. After attaching the top to the wood wall with screws, we screwed in the brackets to the office wall.

Voila! Our hidden mattress wall is complete. It’s a little awkward to get the mattress in and out, but that only happens a few times a year. It’s great to have our closet space back, while still making sure our parents are comfortable when they stay over. Another perk of the wall is the display space above for some art and pottery! We plan to add some sconces with outlets so they can plug in their sleep machine and phones, while also having a nearby light source that isn’t the ceiling fan/light. For now though, we are seeing how the wall works in the space and enjoying the fruits of our labor 🙂

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