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DIY Wicker Chip & Dip Liner

It’s been awhile since my last blog post, but I’m back in action with a new DIY! This project was super easy and cost practically nothing, which is my favorite kind of project 🙂

I’ve been buying and selling a few of these wicker chip and dip holders lately, and I always wondered why there weren’t liners in them (and they rarely still have their cups in the middle, but that’s easy to replace). Not that it’s necessary to have a liner, but I figured having one would be easier for cleanup.

Eventually I did find a chip and dip holder that had its original ceramic bowl and a fabric liner, so cool! However, the fabric was tired and outdated looking. I also thought an oil cloth would be easier to wipe off than regular fabric, so a little makeover was in order!

I searched in person and online for some inexpensive oil cloth or vinyl, but everything was at least $8 for a yard. I didn’t want to spend alot since I was reselling this piece, otherwise my profit margin would diminish. And even if I wasn’t selling it (couldn’t convince Ryan we should keep it, lol), I’m a thrifty DIYer, and wanted to spend practically nothing. That is when the $.99 TJMaxx shopping bags popped into my head! They are made of a similar material to oil cloth, are super cheap, the right size, and come in fun patterns.

I started by removing the old fabric liner and using it to trace for my cut out on one side of the bag. I drew with a sharpie around the perimeter of the liner and in the interior.

I then cut out the two circles about half an inch away from the line, so I would have enough to wrap and glue for a clean edge. Next I cut little slits all the way around, so it would be easier to glue down the bag around the old liner.

Then I lined up the old liner at my marked lines and started hot gluing down the tabs I cut. I continued that all the way around the outside and inside.

Lastly I hot glued the newly covered liner to the wicker chip holder! It looks so much better and definitely easier to clean up. I figure, if I want to do the same for the standard wicker chip and dip holders you find out there, I could measure, trace and cut a piece of cardboard to cover with the $.99 bag to make a liner.

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