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Tropical Dining Space

The last couple week’s I’ve been working on my client Dio’s dining room/kitchen and it’s my favorite room so far! I’m a bit obsessed with tropical elements, so I was onboard when she showed me her inspiration photo for the dining space. Leo’s Oyster Bar has decor to DIE for, so it was fun to recreate elements of it.

Dio already has a great, modern dining set and a fun black and white rug, so it was really just paint and accessories needed to dress up the space. I found the rattan hanging light fixture at IKEA and the wall decor at Hobby Lobby. To fill the geometric wall containers, I used moss and faux succulents from Dollar Tree. I’ve been using those faux succulents all over the house, since real plants are out of the question with Dio living out of town.

The dinnerware and table decor is a mixture of what Dio already had and some thrift store finds. I’ve been collecting vintage/thrifted pink and green glassware to go with the theme and it will look so pretty displayed in the glass kitchen cabinet once it’s all painted.

The biggest transformation is obviously the feature wall though! I started by painting all the walls “Cupcake Pink” by Behr, including the feature wall. We wanted that pink element of the inspiration photo, and why not go super girly since it’s a bachelorette pad.

I took my time finding the right tropical leaf stencils and sent the option So Dio. This is the one we landed on, since it has lots of variation of leaves and would make the a wall lush with green. I have done plenty of stenciling by this point, but’s this was my first project with four different colors. Quite the undertaking, but well worth it! I’ll be doing touch ups next week with some refillable paint pens, something super necessary since the stencil had super thin edges between each leaf and I made quite a few mistakes. Stenciling isn’t perfect though, so take it easy on yourself if you give it a try too 🙂

Next up is painting the kitchen to coordinate with the dining space and it’s going to look so good. Stay tuned!

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