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DIY Vintage Glassware Candles

It’s no secret in my family that I take after my dad, when it comes to antiques and vintage. We are both equally obsessed and love going on hunts together for cool pieces. In particular, we share a love of vintage glassware. My collection of vintage glassware has become quite large (to my husband’s annoyance), but I’m trying to keep it to pieces that will actually serve a purpose in our home beyond decoration. That’s why making candles out of some of them was a great idea! I believe a candle should look as great as it smells when it’s out on your counter 🙂

The beauty of DIY candle making is that you can use practically any container you want! Cool ceramic bowls, vintage candy dishes (like I did in the picture above), old tins, tea cups…the list goes on. Your candles can perfectly fit whichever room they are house in and be a beautiful display piece when not in use (or even when it is in use!) Another perk is that these pieces can be thrifted for only a couple dollars, inexpensive and pretty.

There are two ways to go about making candles inside vintage or thrifted pieces: Melt your favorite candles into the new canister, or make new candles. Since I just winged it, I’m going to give you links on the right way to do both. I was impatient with my attempt at a colored candle (you can add crayons to your wax to dye them), and it got splotchy.

DIY Soy Wax Candles for Beginners. I prefer soy wax candles because they are quick and inexpensive to make. I get a large bag of soy wax on Amazon and a pack of essential oils, so I can do multiple candles.

**Also, to keep the wicks up while pouring, I used some metal straws and tape since I didn’t have wood skewers on hand. In the tutorial they hot glued the wick to the bottom of the container, but my trick works too**

If you want to reuse some candles you already have on hand, here is an easy tutorial for that: How To Make A New Candle From All Your Spent Ones.

Candle making is a great indoor activity now that it’s getting cooler, so I hope you have some fun making some of your own!

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