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Mosaic Outdoor Dining Table

So all of our big projects inside our home are complete (as far as I know, hehe), so it’s time to focus on the exterior. Exterior projects and gardening are much more intimidating for me, so I haven’t done much outside. But my skills have grown a bit and I have a great vision for the landscaping and patio, so it’s time to get to work! Currently I’m working on landscaping the hill in the front yard with my dad, and a little gardening in the back. The biggest project, our back patio pergola and deck redo won’t be until next year. However, I can work on some of the furniture and small projects for the patio in the meantime!

One such project is the outdoor dining table. I had a vision for a colorful mosaic table top, to go with the eclectic, global look of the patio. I’d say it was a success! It took a LONG time, and I still need chairs, but the patio is starting to look better. This isn’t really a DIY blog post, just the process I took to completing my table if anyone is interested.

First I searched for a sturdy table base. I found this metal table base on FB Marketplace, and it was super solid, but it needed alot of work. It had tons of surface rust, so I scraped/cleaned off what I could, encapsulated it with rust spray paint, primed and painted it gold. It looked brand new after a little elbow grease!

Next I found a 42″ round wood panel for the table top, and stained the bottom and sides. I wanted it to have a dark wood stain to contrast against the mosaic. Once it was stained and sealed, I got to work on the tiles! I traced two different sized circles all over the table top. I wanted round “flowers” to decorate the top, inspired by a mosaic side table I saw on Pinterest. I bought a variety of mosaic tiles on Etsy and Amazon, of different sizes, shapes, colors and sheens. It took a long time to place them, but I wanted to make sure it was all laid out before I glued them down.

I used a mosaic tile adhesive, to properly attach the tile to the wood top. Once complete, I smashed up Dollar Tree white plates with a hammer to fill in the negative space around the flowers.

Once all the tiling was complete, I poured grey grout all over the surface and wiped off the excess with a sponge.

I contemplated different methods of making a smooth top, but ultimately decided a glass top was best. Resin could yellow over time, and tempered glass would be easy to clean and perfectly smooth. Since buying a custom round glass table top is super expensive, I got creative and bought a glass top coffee table. I’ll use the coffee table base for another project and use the glass table top (which is the perfect size for the mosaic table) with some rubber bumpers.

Voila! My table is complete, now all I need are a couple chairs and to build the upholstered booth 🙂

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