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Sewing Table Turned Outdoor Bar

Earlier this summer, I constructed an awesome outdoor bar with my dad for their patio. I really wanted to create one for myself, but our patio is a third of the size…there was no way that design would fit. Then one day I was perusing the antique mall with my mother-in-law when we saw this old sewing table converted into a mini bar with an ice bucket inserted where the sewing machine once resided. The size was perfect and it looked easy to replicate, so I got to hunting!

An example of what I saw in the antique mall. Apparently this has been quite a popular DIY idea.

I found an old sewing table for only $10 on FB Marketplace and gutted the mechanics of it. Basically I removed anything to do with the sewing machine and left the wooden cabinet shell. I then sanded, primed and painted the cabinet. I went a step further and stenciled it with a gold floral pattern, since I wanted a moroccan feel to it.

I was lucky to find a galvanized metal tub for the insert that almost exactly fit the existing hole where the sewing machine was. All I needed to do was add a shelf for the tub to sit on inside the cabinet. To achieve this, I cut a board to size and attached four triangles to the cabinet for the board to sit on.

A pretty simple DIY that will be a fantastic addition to our patio, when we complete it next summer. I can’t wait to try it out for a party or two 🙂

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