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Our Custom Macrame Ombre Valances

I’ve had this idea of sunset ombre valances in my mind for over a year, and I knew it would bring another fabulous layer to our eclectic living room. Our living room is a varied mixture of antiques, retro furniture, global touches and LOTS of color. And while my old DIY tassel curtains served us well, they weren’t quite the style I wanted (and the cats kept attacking the tassels when the cat shelves were on that wall…so they were looking a little frayed).

These were my DIY tassel curtains when I first installed them. Alot has changed in the living room since! You can slide the arrows to see the transformation.

I knew my friend Kelti at Coda.Co would make my sunset ombre valance dream come true, and she really delivered!

I asked her to make 3 separate valences for each window, so the original woodwork of our craftsman house would still shine. I also knew I wanted a zig-zag edge and only part of the macrame to be ombre. I figured the whole curtains being dyed would be too much color, and the cream knotting would go well with our cream walls and balance it out. I let her get creative with the macrame knots, she’s the expert after all 🙂 They turned out soooo good, and I’m so happy that they came from a dear friend. They add another fun story to our living space!

This is the photograph Kelti took of them when she completed them in her studio

We have a number of other custom projects from Kelti and Tanner at Coda.Co, so needless to say, we highly recommend them! Below are some of the other pieces they have made us.

A custom half-round floating shelf for our tiki bar

I’m sure we will be collaborating with Coda.Co and other local artists in the future, so stay tuned for more amazing projects!

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