Kitchen Towel Framed Art

IMG_1624 2When we first bought the house, my colors for the kitchen were black, white, grey and red.  I had a few touches of aqua, but it was mostly the four other colors.  It was a vast improvement from the previous style of kitchen in there, but it wasn’t quite my retro dreams.  I realized after decorating the other rooms more that I wanted a slightly new color palette for the kitchen.  I loved the red, aqua and yellow kitchens I’ve seen from photos of retro kitchens, and focusing on those colors would help bridge the colorful style of the other adjoining rooms.  I started changing accessories and paint colors and it’s coming along nicely!

ACS_2484However, now that I changed my colors, black/white/red my oven mitts above the stove didn’t fit the scheme.  I still wanted something to hang above the stove, but didn’t know what…


Then this idea popped into my head!  My Pioneer Woman kitchen towels have the colors I wanted to use, and this thin floral towel was more decorative than functional since it wasn’t as absorbent.  It was the perfect backdrop for an art piece!

I chose the quote “You’re the bacon to my eggs” because it was the quote Ryan had our officiant say to describe us at our wedding, haha!  I also had it inscribed in his wedding band, we are big breakfast food people 😉


If you want to make your own kitchen towel art (or even cloth napkins or hanker-chiefs), check out the simple directions below!


  • Non-textured kitchen towel, cloth napkin or hank-chief
  • Heat Transfer vinyl for Cutting Machine or ready-made iron on letters
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Frame


  1. First I figured out my kitchen towel placement on the wall above my stove and determined the original size of the towel took up too much space on the wall.  I cut my towel 11×14″ to fit the frame I purchased.
  2. I have a Silhouette machine to cut vinyl designs and lettering, so I designed my saying in the Silhouette program and cut it out.  (On a cutting machine you cut out your letters backwards because it is flipped over to iron on your fabric) If you don’t have a Silhouette or Cricut machine, there are read-made letters you could iron on to your towel.
  3. I then followed the directions provided with my heat-transfer vinyl and ironed on the lettering to my towel.
  4. All that was left was to place my towel inside the frame and hang on the wall! So easy!


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