Suitcase Cat Bed/Side Table DIY

ACS_2486A few weeks ago, I was browsing Facebook Marketplace (my current obsession since thrift stores and antique malls are closed) and I discovered two decorative suitcases for $15 total!  Needless to say, I snapped them up.  One was a plain black metal, which I decorated with my sticker book of vintage luggage labels.  I’m not sure exactly where it will go, but it was fun to decorate.  The other one was the star of the pair.  It’s mustard yellow, and decorated with rattan and faux leather.  I instantly knew I wanted to make with it.  Our dining room has accents of mustard, so it would go perfectly with the space.  We have a mustard and blue plaid chair that will (eventually) make it into the dining room, so I knew it would make a good side table for it.  Ryan doesn’t want to let go of the sofa sitting in there, and I can’t wait for it to go…

IMG_1433Instead of just making it a side table, I figured the interior storage could be put to good use too!  It was so simple to add a cushion inside and make it a cat bed while it’s open.  This project was SO simple and took no time at all!  It really doesn’t even need instructions, but I’ll give them anyway, haha.


  • Small suitcase
  • Drill
  • Drill Bit that is sized to your screws
  • 4 screws (length needs to go through thickness of suitcase and drill into furniture legs
  • 4 furniture legs 
  • Cushion to fit inside suitcase (I made mine from scrap fabric and spare stuffing)


  1. Measure and mark where 4 screw holes will go for furniture legs.
  2. Drill holes onto marks, go all the way through bottom of suitcase.  My decorative suitcase is made of wood, so it was super easy to drill, but vinyl and other materials might take a bit of work.  IMG_1380
  3. Drill screws from the inside of the suitcase through the bottom, connecting the furniture legs to the suitcase.  My purchases furniture legs don’t have attached screws like some, so it’s a different (but easier) process of attaching them).
  4. Add your cushion inside the suitcase and you are done! So easy.  I used two different scraps of fabric, so it’s a fun reversible cushion.  It was pretty thin though, so I added a blanket underneath to add more softness.

When the suitcase is closed, it’s perfect for holding your drinks, and while its open, it’s the perfect kitty nap spot.  IMG_1405IMG_1408IMG_1406

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