Multi-Use Fall Travel Essentials


Fall is finally upon us (my favorite season) and it’s the perfect time to travel!  Destinations tend to be less crowded, it’s cheaper to travel, and some places have the most gorgeous fall leaves.  However, the weather tends to get a bit crisper, which equals more layers to stay comfortable.  That means that carry-on or checked bags are stuffed with more clothes, which can be challenging.  The following fashion pieces are obvious fall staples, but did you know they could be multi-functional?  Check out the ways you can use these pieces to their full potential, and save some space in your luggage!



Long Scarf:

Large scarves are a great way to stay warm and add a pop of color, but they are a more diverse accessory than most realize.  Cold on the plane?  Pack a scarf in your carry-on or purse, and they become a great substitute blanket for the plane or any mode of travel transportation.  Don’t have a towel handy for that awesome heated pool or hot-tub?  Grab your scarf if you’re in a pinch!  Forgot your shoulders or legs needed to be covered at a religious site?  Wrap a scarf around your shoulders as a shawl or as a sarong around your legs.  Scarves are one of the handiest travel accessories, even in the warmer months!

fallNeck Scarf:

I’ve always been partial to neck scarves because of my passion for retro style (and my profession in the friendly skies), but they are also a super trendy fashion accessory right now.  However, despite the name, they don’t always have to be styled around your neck.  Fall clothes tend to be more somber colors (especially when traveling with a limited amount of clothing that needs to coordinate), so I love using neck scarves as my pop of color.  Wear one as a knotted headband, tie it around your ponytail, or wrap it within your bun.  Tie it to your purse or to your belt loop for a pop of color.  There are so many ways to style a neck scarf, and they take up virtually no space in your bag!


fall3Tights are an easy way to continue wearing cute skirts and dresses in the colder months, without sacrificing warmth.  They are a super fun way to add color or pattern to your outfit, or feel more comfortable with a daringly short dress on those windy days.  But they can bring you even more warmth than you realized.  For those truly cold travel days that you need that an extra layer, wear them under your pants.  They even make sweater tights that super lock-in that comfy heat.


fall4.jpegGone are the sandals of summer travel, and onto fall, when toasty toes are of the upmost importance.  Tall boots are super cute to wear, but they can be bulky to pack.  Ankle boots are a great alternative to keep your feet stylish and warm, while saving precious luggage space.  Ankle boots are great with tights and a dress, or under your pants.




fall6.jpegMany people don’t wear sunglasses year-round, but I’m one of the weirdos that wears them everyday of my life, rain or shine.  If you have sensitive eyes like me, then too much sun, cold temps, wind (or really anything) makes my eyes water.  Sunglasses are a great fall accessory even on cloudy days, because they are great wind blockers too.  Just act like you’re a bad ass secret agent on those glum days if you get weird looks for wearing your sunnies.



fall5.jpegWomen’s purses are a lifeline, especially when traveling.  I prefer smaller crossbody bags when traveling, but sometimes you need something that can hold it all.  That’s why tote bags are so great for travel.  Throw your water bottle, umbrella or even a light jacket in your tote, in case you need it for a change in temperature.  It also can double as a shopping bag for all those great souvenirs you find.  Even a spare pair of flats can be thrown in, if you’re having a sore feet day.  Be careful though, tote bags are a dangerous addiction of throwing your life all in one bag, and your shoulders might complain (or your significant other who you make hold it).








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