Packing Cube Time Lapse How-To

ACS_0309This past week, I took a weekend trip to sunny Scottsdale and tried out my snazzy new suitcase.  It’s a slightly smaller carry on than my previous one, so I had to make sure I packed efficiently.  My packing cubes (sold here) came in real handy!  5 outfits, two pairs of shoes, two purses and all my other essentials all fit in my 20″ inch carry on with some creative packing and my 6 piece set.  Watch the video below to see how I packed my large list of travel items for a long weekend!

 A Few Tips for Optimum Packing
1. Roll your clothes tightly before putting in the packing cubes, saves a lot of space.
2. If you have large ridges where the handles of your suitcase stick up inside your suitcase, place as many small items as you can in between before packing large items.  (i.e. Sunglasses, curling iron, jewelry bag, etc)
3. If you are packing a purse or shoes, slide other small items inside, like socks or small clutches.

List of Items I Packed:
– Straightener
– Jewelry pouch with 4 pairs of earrings
– Toiletry kit (minis of shampoo, conditioner, soap, hairspray, razor, shaving cream, perfume, sunscreen, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant, moisturizer)
– Makeup and hair accessories (two lipsticks, eye shadow, blush, foundation, eye liner, mascara, pony ACS_0318tails, teasing comb, bobby pins, hair flower)
– Tennis shoes
– Sandals
– Cross body purse
– Clutch
– 4 pairs of underwear
– 2 pairs of slip shorts
– Socks
– 2 belts
– 3 pairs of sunglasses
– Yoga pants
– Tank top
– 3 dresses
– Skirt
– Blouse
– Bathing suit
– Small beach towel
– Pajamas

I used the two largest packing cubes for my clothing, and the 3 pouches for my makeup, hair accessories, jewelry, and toiletries.   The remaining small packing cube I tucked into my pack to store dirty underwear and socks during the trip.
**Unfortunately had trouble uploading the time-lapse here on the post (so sorry!) so here is a link to view it on Youtube**


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